Stephen Phillips Photography
From The Heart

Once Upon a Time - while on vacation with the family at the age of eight, I got my hands on dad's two cameras. After that, no one couldn't pry them away from me. The prints and slides from that trip turned out well enough and I was addicted. By fifteen - I had my first darkroom (sharing it with the laundry room). Photography has been central to my life ever since.

My home while growing up was outside of Washington, D.C. A three-week vacation brought me to San Francisco in April of 1970. I was wide-eyed, twenty years old, and had never been west of Texas. The beauty and relative freedom of the West Coast took my heart. The Bay Area has been my home ever since. If any place on Earth is more photogenic than Northern California - I've yet to find it. I've produced images of the Bay Area and its people for nearly five decades. Few things bring me more pleasure than exploring the world with my camera.

Each time someone purchases one of my prints - I am humbled and grateful. Because of this - I am committed to producing quality imagery - taking care with every step in the process. All of my work is unconditionally guaranteed. My passion is imagery that speaks to the viewer - and touches the heart.